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The Persistence of Ambience

by SourceCodeX

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Fans of Steve Roach, Wendy Carlos, Robert Rich, Jeff Greinke and those seeking to voyage sonically into altered states of unexpected relaxation will enjoy these beatless synthscapes of cinematic electronic music.

After the successful release and favorable press from my earlier releases - I sensed the need to create again. Within a 10-day span in January 2008, I composed/conceived and finished my third release - The Persistence of Ambience. This shorter work flow allowed a clearer reflection of the composer's immediate world-line with less "time" separation. I found this marathon type of approach a real catharsis. When I felt "empty" - I stopped the creative process. Four long-form ambient pieces each easily flow one into the other for an overall similar yet distinct experience. I wanted to journey along a path of well-lit surrealism in sound that reflected my inmost feelings. Those of you who know of "Timesteps" by W. Carlos on the Clockwork Orange release will understand some of my inspiration compositionally speaking but The Persistence of Ambience is much less helter-skelter. After experimenting with tense & dark ambient soundscapes, I felt the need to express a newness in my life leaning towards the Light. The Persistence of Ambience echoes resolution, relaxation, revelations & returning to peace. Tension & release are employed compositionally as it produces balance but the intensity of stressful tones is greatly subdued.

The presence of natural or "found sound" is interwoven as the synth tones themselves called for such. Sometimes the synth textures spoke rain or water or wind or machine. When this happened, I decided to mirror the virtual with realities we have each encountered. This somehow was deeply relaxing to my psyche as soon as I combined the soundmaps. It made warm yet sterile synths seem more alive, organic and I felt myself "go back" in time to deep memories. I hope thus is true for the listener as well. Enjoy!

Time is an illusion . . .???

This CD will demonstrate time flow is indeed subjective & relative.

Immerse yourself and escape the illusion.

Listen and you will understand . . .


author: Previous customer

Beyond words . . .
author: Don Slepian
" . . . beyond all words - easy travel to other planets . . ." ~ quote from well-known ambient synthesist composer & electronic music guru

Original must listen . . .
author: eBay feedback quote
Excellent sounds as usual! Original must listen for ambientheads. A+

persistance of ambience
author: scott
if your looking for something to drift in space to. then this and other works by this artist will let you do just that i,ve found this kind of music [sounds] awfully hard not to listen to, it just kinda transends space and time letting your mind wonder with no real cares kinda like smoking an audio joint [can i say that]

Collection of quotes
author: Press Kit datamesiter
What listeners say about SourceCodeX music: "Blindingly original, This one CD is IT!!, Dark, Mysterious and Mesmerizing!,", " . . . it blows my mind to hear something that sounds as beautiful as the music on Codex Hypnos . . ." "One of the best ambient CDs I have ever bought! 10/10!! TOP RECOMMENDATION!!!" "Love The CD!! Two Thumbs Up!! A+ A+ A+" "Love the CD! Recommended vendor." "Gives Steve Roach & Robert Rich a run for their money! Top Shelf Ambient Music - " "Codex Hypnos is easily a $20 Space/Trance Acid-Trip CD! You won't regret this!" "AAA+++ WEIRD MUSIC INDEED!!!!!" "Let me know how I can buy a copy of Codex Hypnos. Checked out mp3 samples and they sounded ominously yummy yummy! Good stuff!" " . . . stellar debut effort . . . !" This rivals and possibly surpasses Robert Rich and Lustmord’s Stalker. May experience nightmares while or after listening to this album "Great new drone ambient" ...grim-edged soundworlds formed of falling tones crafted into landscapes "You won't need any drugs . . ." SourceCodeX...The Final Frontier! An excellent example of Cinematic Ambient. . . . What a wonderful creative feast! . . . your music is really the soundtrack of the intense lives many people live today in America. Thanks for giving voice to the haunting side of ambience... Cacophony of sonic states propels you into strange new worlds . . . Excellent SCI-FX Ambient work Like the barren lifeless beauty of the winter season Evokes and provokes on several emotional and spiritual planes Recommended for fans of darker deep space ambient Tense, beatless soundscapes ... unrelenting in their grimness Interwoven electronic soundscapes are emotionally moving and highly visual


released February 12, 2008


all rights reserved



SourceCodeX Washington, D.C.

I am a guitarist since 1967 and a synthesizer player since the early 2000s.

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